With focused attention we succeed

I read that quantum physics tells us that when we focus our attention on something we actually change the molecular structure of the object. In simplest terms the observer affects the object by solely observing. This to me is simply a life altering idea. If this is the case, when you do yoga, or mindfulness of any kind, you bring your attention to your thoughts and reasoning behind those thoughts and  you can CHANGE them, by simply devoting a little extra attention to the thoughts. So, that being said, if we continue to see things in one way, one perspective, we will be held in a holding pattern, preventing change. When we release our attachment to an idea, emotion or outcome this helps us develop objectivity, and radiate acceptance for whatever comes our way- this in turn reduces our suffering. When we accept things as they are in each moment, without labeling them as good or bad, positive or negative, etc. we reduce our suffering and create more gratitude.

Can you believe it? I know how I am going to be starting off my year. I want to release my attachments to objects, ideas, people, places, feelings in order to make room for new possibilities, growth and transformation… So here I go IMG_2919.jpg

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