Patience & Bravery 

From deep within the dark corridor
You begin to hear the howling
The sound of fear strengthens
Breath quickens with distress.

Heart beat expands to neck and fingertips
Emotions flood in and take over
Anger being the first to surface
rage fills and devours you into darkness.

Current thoughts and events fill the mind
like a cloud cover
But body reacts like upheaval repeats
to drag you back under

Delayed awareness infiltrates mind
After reaction and emotions manifest
Too late to withdraw
All that’s left is to recognize and acknowledge

Apologies, acceptance and wisdom follow exposure
Transcendence unavoidable
The time will come
Patience and bravery will deliver attainment

The Sun rises again

Warmth dissipates,
life hushed and serene,
Dormancy, lethargy follow

Still lingers the impressions of scars,
buried just below the surface
As not to disturb.

Time may heal, but not regenerate
Nothing will ever be as it was exactly
Always slight remodeling, as time always moves forward.

Transformation is not instantaneous,
You are not one then the other
always a transition period – a period of in between.

We overcome challenge with persistence,
like a river leaves an impression on the bank,
not an easy task.

Time & movement propel forward
We grasp easy, clear, painless
Avoid existence of wounds.

In between is where we learn,
we develop,
our “flaws” turn into strengths.

We dove into this journey,
with knowledge of transcendence
But progression is imperceptible.

Nearest has difficulty to judge progress
perpetual movement forward inevitable
Happiness is on the horizon.

Transition almost complete
Sun heightens, intensifies
The dawning of a new day.

There is nothing more important than your community

For a long time I lived in a place where I felt like a stranger, I did not have much connection with others in the city where I lived. I felt so out-of-place and disconnected that I felt the need for a big change, and soon enough my whole life shifted.

I found my community in yoga studio in my hometown, Moksha Yoga Fredericton. It is in the heart of the city and for good reason. Teachers and students alike are open-hearted hippie warriors determined to create a beautiful loving atmosphere for themselves and anyone else who wants to be apart of it. It is an essential part of my life, as it provides relaxation, clarity, insight and a piece of happiness that you can not find anywhere else.

The community welcomed me with open arms on a frigidly cold day last February when I was asked to sub a yoga class on a lunch hour one Friday afternoon. I graciously accepted, having been given such a marvelous opportunity, sometimes your mind rapidly takes a swan dive into fear– well what if I am not good enough, what if my sequence isn’t right or challenging enough, the what ifs can be never-ending …  After that 60 minutes, those worries, anxieties and fears evaporated. I was where I was meant to be. You have all these like-minded people wanting to expand their knowledge of themselves and their abilities Just like what I have been searching for. Just like that, I clicked into place with all those other yogis, what I had been looking for, what I had been missing I finally found it. This yoga studio had filled that void that was left empty for so long.

Community is so important because it gives you a sense of belonging, they allow us to interact with like-minded individuals, share experiences, develop valued relationships that work towards a specific goal, and without community we live a pretty isolated, desolate life.  These are the people who surround your life and directly impact the person you become. As individuals we weave our spirits into everything that we do, whether we make a bracelet for a friend or a painting for a collector our spirit has imprinted on that object, same can be said for the people we spend our time with. They weave their spirits into ours and vice versa. With that being said it may alter your current situation- you may choose differently in the future but it may not change your situation at all.  Let the people that support, uplift, motivate to do better, be who you are and be the best you possible spend the most time with you because they will help you achieve success in all the areas of your life.

Get out there get involved, do something you love in your community to broaden your connections, your circle and your life.

Bad News Travels Fast

DCIM100GOPROWhen you wake up and receive some really awful news, it definitely does not help you get started on the right foot. I have been trying for almost two years to surface from this feeling of drowning, and today I felt like I was sinking just a little bit further into the depths.

My heart felt like it was being torn apart by ravaging wolves, and I just burst out into tears.

It is almost like every time I receive any kind of bad news this is what happens to me, and I know it is not the most normal response. For the last two years, I have been persevering despite not knowing or understanding exactly what was wrong with me. My parents brought it to my attention after the trauma of 2014.  PTSD became my diagnosis despite only being 26 years old, and probably one of the happiest people you will ever meet. A deep rooted fear creating havoc in my life all this time, and with no end in sight. I have been determined to overcome this obstacle in my life. However when I receive less than favorable news, I tend to feel this overwhelming sense of anger, frustration and above all fear.

So how do I manage that debilitating feeling that accompanies this kind of news? I meditate. Yes it is true, I sit on a cushion in silence. It brings me focused concentration, and answers. I sat today for 20 minutes in silence, focused on my breath and counting inhales/exhales and finally as the meditation came to a close, I imagined myself taking in warm, light radiant energy. This energy filled me, and dissolved my fears, worries, and troubles with each breath. The answers came to me- Go to yoga- go to Moksha, the hot room, where all those magical things happen, and so I did.

The movement of yoga helps my body rid itself of the poison my mind creates with fear, anger and frustration. It builds up in the muscles, and joints and creates pain in my lower back. I knew yoga class will help me work out the muscles in my back and I would feel better, but sometimes when you just can not take any more bad news you want to curl up on the couch, and watch movies all day long, not moving or seeing a single person. This is what I wanted to do when I woke up this morning, but after 60 minutes of present moment-pure bliss, my body felt 100% better.

I am so genuinely grateful for yoga and everything it has given me the last couple years, freedom of pain, love, community, happiness, stress relief, and of course transformation.


What do you want to create for yourself in 2017?

I want to create prosperity, travel and new opportunities so how do we achieve success?
We start by devising a plan.
What is our starting point, and what is the outcome you wish to achieve?
Do you have debt? Health issues? No longer enjoy the job to which you are currently employed? Want  a healthier lifestyle? fitness regiment/meal plans?

Before we begin remind yourself of your infinite potential, and you CAN achieve much more than you could ever imagine you just have to DECIDE to do it. Do not allow what you haven’t yet achieved to bring you down. With your starting point, realize how far you have come, what you have achieved to this point-use this as the momentum to propel you forward. From here build your road map, the map that gets you from your starting point to your destination. Everyone believes that the destination is all that matters but in reality it is all about what we learn along the way. Create small steps like on a ladder, one at a time, rung by rung you will slowly make it to the top and achieve your goal.

MY GOALS for 2017:
Prosperity- Financial Freedom
Physical/mental health- More balanced  diet/exercise regiment
Travel more- I want to be able to have more freedom to travel.
New opportunity- This I am going to leave open, but hopefully includes my love of people, animals, places, development, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and so much more.

How do I plan on achieving my goals, well with my road map of course, we start where we are and then ask how can I take one small step toward achieving my goal that is manageable?

Financial freedom- Well how much $$ can I afford to put towards financial freedom each pay 5,10,25,50,100,500? Are you already devoting a certain amount to this, and why is it not currently working? What might you be able to do differently? It might require less spending in areas of entertainment, clothing, or on luxuries for the time being.

Physical Health- How much time can I devote to my physical well being each day and how much time might I already be devoting to this goal and why might it not be working? 20-30-60-90 minutes a day? If you are already devoting 40 minutes each day and you are not getting the results you want, ask yourself how come? Is it because you are doing the same thing everyday. You may need to switch it up especially if what you are currently doing is not cutting it.

Mental health- How much time can I devote to my mental well being each day. I currently devote 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening to my meditation practice. Not only do I know meditation works bring more awareness, develop the ability to choose your thoughts, but also helps us to become more mindful of what we are consuming. Food/alcohol/and other substances play a huge role on our mental health.

Travel more- How can I achieve this goal? What is holding me back currently? Is it finances? Or maybe time? What other factors play into limiting my travel? What steps can I take to make this my reality?

If you are looking for new opportunities let them come to you- all in good time 🙂 ❤
When your open in mind, heart and soul, there is nothing that you can not achieve. It does not matter whether obstacles stand in your way, because you know they are the perfect opportunity for growth and transformation, make this year YOUR year !


With focused attention we succeed

I read that quantum physics tells us that when we focus our attention on something we actually change the molecular structure of the object. In simplest terms the observer affects the object by solely observing. This to me is simply a life altering idea. If this is the case, when you do yoga, or mindfulness of any kind, you bring your attention to your thoughts and reasoning behind those thoughts and  you can CHANGE them, by simply devoting a little extra attention to the thoughts. So, that being said, if we continue to see things in one way, one perspective, we will be held in a holding pattern, preventing change. When we release our attachment to an idea, emotion or outcome this helps us develop objectivity, and radiate acceptance for whatever comes our way- this in turn reduces our suffering. When we accept things as they are in each moment, without labeling them as good or bad, positive or negative, etc. we reduce our suffering and create more gratitude.

Can you believe it? I know how I am going to be starting off my year. I want to release my attachments to objects, ideas, people, places, feelings in order to make room for new possibilities, growth and transformation… So here I go IMG_2919.jpg