Heart Choices

All of the stages throughout our life we make choices that point us in the direction our life will take. As we grow up we forget that we actually have a choice and despite what others may want from us it is our choice.

I know I most certainly have difficulty with the choice. Sometimes my head says I have to do the intellectual thing, that which makes the most sense and creates stability in life. However my heart often cries in the completely opposite direction telling me to take a chance do whats right for me despite what others believe to be the “right” choice. 

When we continuously ignore our hearts desires and choices we become overloaded by burden of finances or responsability and forget about the other side of the coin. Those choices that fuel our soul and our purpose. We can start to come out of our rut when we begin to ask ourselves what we need. Today I feel like a bath, a massage, a yoga class, and honor  our needs. We begin to honor our hearts 💕 and what they need to stay full of love and energy to help the needs of others and serve our greater purpose. 

In order to know what you need meditation helps connect us to our inner guide or internal wisdom that guides us in the right direction. That brings transformation and growth along for the ride. We sometimes just need to say F everything else for now- this is what I need. Despite circumstances, weather or any other possible obstacles in the way.

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