To the man who stole my mother’s heart

I knew before I met you that you had to be special
because my mother was not one to ever settle.

She lived on her own for 20 years
Not really sure she had let go of all her fears.

She told me about you and that is when I knew
That the man of her dreams- well that was you.

She never thought that day would come
When she’d open heart despite the possible outcome

She found her true love, her white shinning knight
someone who shared that same bright light.

With drives and adventures all planned out
What was all this crazy talk about

Illness and disease so close, so near
Sometimes forgotten over the sound of laughter and cheer

It quickly caught up and upset the scale
 bringing with it, all that illness entails.

Your heart was full, and you were so soft spoken
I knew you never wanted to leave my mom heart broken.

But progressively you began to fade away
A wedding it is! with little delay

We celebrated the journey that lead us here
Perhaps shedding quite a few tears

Both slowly and quickly You began to decline
You held on, because you did not want to leave us all behind

We know now you are somewhere warm,
while we ride out the waves of grief like a storm.

You are somewhere loving, majestic with an incredible view
And remember dear Armand, that we will always love you.