Slowly eyes flutter open to reveal a brand new 24 hours. I sit and revel in the sheer beauty of another day. We often forget how marvelous it is that we get to live, to open our eyes, to share our hearts with others. We forget that when we wake up that in itself is a beauty to behold. Then we take our time, stretch a little to revitalize those joints that may have become stiff from sleep or long held positions. This lubricates our joints and awakens our body. What is the first thing you do in the morning? Before you actually roll out of bed? Do you check your phone? Be honest.

We all have, and maybe that is not how you wake up everyday, but I know I had been doing it for a long time. And often times it would be like the media or the newspaper, lots of sad difficult stories intended to keep you living in fear and making more and more purchases with money perhaps you do not even have. Every time I would wake up and check my phone before I got out of bed I realized my day was not as marvelous, I would forget about the mundane things that were actually miracles, and gratitude came less frequently. So the challenge I set for myself: Try to wake up and not look at the phone until after breakfast.

Today is day 1: I felt my feet hit the floor, I walked to the bathroom where I of course emptied my bladder( I know TMI) and brushed my teeth. The realization I had was that I was connected to these mundane everyday activities on a deeper level. I concentrated more on my actions as I did these activities. I became less reactive when I drove into town, when the guy in the gray car sped by me and cut me off. I was grateful for the opportunity to get things done, and did not feel burdened by them (which I normally do). I was excited for the other projects I will be working on for the next few months. To spend time and energy gathering knowledge and understanding myself deeper.  All because I refused to devote my energy to a small electronic device for an hour of my morning.

The realization: The energy we spend on things is very precious and we should take the time to think about something before doing it, because is that really where we want to devote our energy, or could it be used for something more important? When we feel void of all our energy everything feels like a burden, people who want and crave our attention, our chores, our job, even some of the things we love to do but often don’t have or make enough time for them.

This is only day 1.