Carolyn Stevens

Born and raised in Moncton, NB. Moved to Fredericton in 2010 and became a 911 operator for the City of Fredericton. My profound love of movement and being affected by trauma propelled me into a life of yoga.

From the first practice I dove head first into my practice, mostly because of the physical benefits of the practice but I realized not only the physical but the all around sense of well being. This was felt through the connections of the studio but also the connection within. It relieved my low back pain and tension caused by stress but also physically made me feel strong & powerful. It helped me to find solace when that was hard to find. A place of peace within myself — a place that I would call home.

It was in 2015 — that I became a certified Yoga instructor with backgrounds in:
Restorative/Trauma Sensitive classes (warriors for healing)
as well as additional courses in breath work, meditations and visualizations specialized for those affected by PTSD.

I also work as a Greenbelt facilitator in Lean six sigma with the City of Fredericton. My role is to help work through big change, and help to resolve any issues surrounding big or small changes. It is important to remember that change is the only thing that we know for sure. If we do not continue to make changes and learn to stay flexible there is a good chance that you will stay stuck, stagnant and often surrounded by “stuff” you do not want.

I am a free spirit, adventurer,wild woman, and have a deep love for all beings. I am strong believer in getting to know yourself, finding your power and sharing your unique gifts with the world.

And if you would like to come take a yoga  class with me or some other great instructors check out :

Moksha Yoga Fredericton (heated yoga)



YMCA (non heated)



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