Teachers of yoga

Today was a day of revelations

When I first began my yoga teaching journey I was a shy unfamiliar girl transitioning to one of the biggest learning experiences of my life. I remember that first class that I taught, trembling with an anxious feeling and fear of not being good enough filled my body to the brim. It felt like a cup of water filled right to the top sitting on a very unsturdy table ready to spill everywhere. I now realize those people in the room could feel those vibrations I was radiating. 

To this day I still get nerves, however before each practice I ground myself and imagine my heart radiating pure love out to my students. Every single person that comes my class, I want them to be able to take a piece of love, vibrance and peace with them when they leave. It helps centre their day not only my own. In this way I feel more empowered, and focused while teaching, and this helps me develop my ability to really be a witness t their growth and development. 

You want a teacher fully present in class, one that can fully witness your abilities, make suggestions and compliment when appropriate. They are the gardener who plants the seed, nourishes that seed with their love and wisdom and then watches as it bloom in full radiance. For me I find it important for a teacher to be fully alive and witness the magic happening in the room. You can simply witness transformation happening in front of your very eyes, and it is wonderful

Heart Choices

All of the stages throughout our life we make choices that point us in the direction our life will take. As we grow up we forget that we actually have a choice and despite what others may want from us it is our choice.

I know I most certainly have difficulty with the choice. Sometimes my head says I have to do the intellectual thing, that which makes the most sense and creates stability in life. However my heart often cries in the completely opposite direction telling me to take a chance do whats right for me despite what others believe to be the “right” choice. 

When we continuously ignore our hearts desires and choices we become overloaded by burden of finances or responsability and forget about the other side of the coin. Those choices that fuel our soul and our purpose. We can start to come out of our rut when we begin to ask ourselves what we need. Today I feel like a bath, a massage, a yoga class, and honor  our needs. We begin to honor our hearts 💕 and what they need to stay full of love and energy to help the needs of others and serve our greater purpose. 

In order to know what you need meditation helps connect us to our inner guide or internal wisdom that guides us in the right direction. That brings transformation and growth along for the ride. We sometimes just need to say F everything else for now- this is what I need. Despite circumstances, weather or any other possible obstacles in the way.

Importance of choice ✨

Today in therapy I was in deep conversation about trauma and negativity, when I realized I was missing something. 

For a long time I have been so open that I let everything in- good and bad, and it seems as of late everything had been bad or negative. It was forcing negative influence in my own world due to the overwhelming feelings of others. In this world now how could any sane person function by letting every single thing in life touch them in one way or another. While your heart is open and intentions are pure set on helping all of those who need it, you are letting EVERYTHING in. The good fuels you- fills your cup but the “bad” drains you leaving you to feel empty and worn out. Any situation even if not your own, you let in and take from you your prized energy. The only thing that fuels you and like the current draws you forward. 

I have been living life without a shield for most of my life because I thought that it was only a hinderance. I thought that if we have a shield we lose the connection to those people around us because we don’t let their good and bad in. I have witnessed so many others around me who built a wall, strong enough to sustain Fort Knox, and in so doing have cut out the emotional from life. It is as though they themselves have turned to stone, people and events no longer cling to them but instead roll off like rain drops. Not just the things they choose either, things that for others around them mean more to that person than they understand.

I have always prided myself on the ability that I have to put myself fully in the shoes of another. As I try to embrace their ideas and reasons for being who they are. It enables me to understand them on a level deeper than most. This is one of my gifts that I cherish, however it can be draining and a constant flux of negativity if you allow it to be. Instead however of building a wall it should be more like a selective permeable membrane allowing ourselves to choose what we let through. Not stone walling everything. We should fuel the events ideas and people with our concentrated awareness when they enhance our inner light, provide us insight or are helpful in some way. If they are simply negative, critical or self deprecating we refuse to nourish those thoughts. We want to nourish those thoughts, feelings and behaviours that help us flourish and find success. Our thoughts are very much like our garden. When we want our flowers to grow we give them the optimum space with sunlight, feed them with attention, and water and watch them flourish. Same can be said for our mind- nourish the thoughts that you want and starve the ones you don’t. This is our selective permeable membrane. This is where we make the concious choice to chose energizing, fueling, loving, happy thoughts even through challenge and difficulty. 

The Lake

Warm sunshine beats down on her skin, filling her up with warm light energy. Her internal cup slowly begins to fill, energy awakens within. As she begins to run through the field her feet beat down on the long gras rhythmically, her handsbrush through the long grass and particles float into the air. The smell of freshly cut grass fills her nose with pleasure. A cool refreshing breeze, flows through her hair and sweeps across her neck sending a gentle shiver down her spine. Sights set on the lake up ahead, she runs a little faster. At the edge of the lake she plops herself down onto a rock close enough to dip her toes into the shallow water. She gazes at the mirror like quality of the lake, simple experience of tranquility at the waters edge. Dazzling at natures beauty in one of its most natural forms, she has no worries or fears, aware of all that is present. Her breath slows, and deepens as she finds the same tranquility within her own self.

Acceptance limits suffering

I have always assumed that my yoga practice was separate from my life. Pretended it was a place to literally forget about everything and hide, shadow myself from the rest of existence.

In some ways it is true, you do forget about the rest of the world, responsibilities, and pressures as you step into presence.  You walk into this place that simply asks you to be with what is happening in the moment. I with every molecule of my being considered running away from everything, as it would be easier that way, but no I stayed. My desire was not to run anymore, to stay and devise a plan to limit suffering. To stay in the  moment is easier said than done in most cases, but with time it came to be easier. We do find a relief from the stress in our life through the practice. For those 60 minutes we experience bliss. Not bliss in the sense that there is nothing challenging us, no obstacles to overcome because that would be wrong. We find bliss in the experience of letting everything else go that will not serve the moment we are currently in. Why experience worries of the future, right now? It simply washes away our focus, and sense of calm with one big wave of emotion.

Through yoga practice we learn to face fear, overcome challenge, and build confidence in ourselves. We face the fear of falling, we overcome the challenge of your mind, and realize we are capable of much more than we give ourselves credit for. Each asana (a.k.a pose) is designed to release the body in some way through stretch or strengthening. The stories we tell ourselves start to expand from pose to pose, you aren’t good enough, flexible enough- “i mean jeeze look at that girl over there she can practically touch her head to the floor.” “Oh the teachers looking at me I better deepen the pose to show her how flexible or strong I am.” In Warrior 2 for instance my shoulders tend to get tired and I want to drop my arms so badly. Sometimes I choose mindfully to release the tension, other days I practice to push through the sensation. Why would you push yourself through the sensation of your arms burning? Well because just like in life it is a challenge and if we always decide to drop our arms because they are tired, we never develop our strength, and never learn to find comfort through difficulty. We are essentially just running away.

When I first began practicing yoga I would always move away from sensation. My legs are tired- oh I will just straighten them. My arms are tired- oh I will just put them on my hips.  I think you get the picture. However it is through discomfort or challenge that we learn to find comfort that we learn to face the challenge and develop our inner strength- that is when magic happens. We realize our tendencies, mine simply to run away.

What is this magic? Well it’s awareness, it’s knowledge, and it’s presence. To be fully aware and conscious with the choices we make and why we make them. Most of us live our daily lives unconsciously. Thoughts and choices presented to us, and usually we shy away from the options that we deem negative or we do not particularly like. When we really love something we fully immerse ourselves in it, almost getting lost, and when we don’t we tend to run away. If we detach ourselves from results we limit suffering. Instead of clinging to the outcome we desire, simply let everything fall into place the way it is supposed to. This does not mean stop trying to achieve goals, it means accept all situations/people that present themselves, they are an opportunity along our path. They are presented to us as either a gift or for growth. They may be the support we need when we need it, or maybe they are our challenge that brings with it, magic. Either way they are a blessing.



Magic Can Happen

There are so many people all over the world who have so much to say, they can contribute their voice on a monumental scale. With clarity in their mind and power in their voice they move mountains, influence others to act. Is it solely the conviction in their voice or is it something else- do we recognize ourselves in them- all we need is a little confidence and to connect our mind to our heart?

There are so many people who say they have confidence, but you look at them and their body language tells a completely different story. With shrugged shoulders, and no eye contact you know confidence is not among their strengths. As a person with deficit in that area it can be hard to find that inner strength or voice that can lead you to develop your voice and confidence. I accept that I am not perfect, nor will I ever be but there is a plan. Someone or something out there is looking out for me and things happen for a reason, there is always a reason things unfold the way they do whether it is as a blessing or a lesson we are given what we need in each moment, to propel us forward to dive deeper gain more insight, and move forward on our path. We do take breaks in our journey, to eat, drink, use the bathroom, stop and simply enjoy the view but life is not about staying stagnant and unmoving, it is about constantly learning and growing. When we learn to accept this, we learn to harness our inner power. Our inner power is the same energy that powers the Divine or Universe if you so choose. When you realize this, you know that you have extraordinary and unlimited power.

It is a power that resides within you, and everyone else on this planet- we are all one. We may all look very different, sound different, act different we all have that same potential inside of us that we can harness if we so choose. When we harness this potential this is when magic can happen.