Mala Creations­čô┐

Paradise MalaMeadow MalaEarths Breeze Mala

Attine to the groundedness of nature and find staight forward answers to challenging questions. Clear your subtle body of all unwanted energy and create a sense of well being ease and protection. Inspire the flow of creativity and expression as well as clear blocked emotions. Awaken your truth- your true purposeFlora Mala

When anxiety and suffering become too difficult invite in ease of breath just like the wind amongst the trees in nature. The gebtle ebb and flow as it sways leaves and branches. Tension dissolves and disturbances in energy cleared. Manifest deep desires and needs through focus and attention. Supportive during transitional and pivotal phases. Increases harmonious communication and connection.i
Kosipo Mala

Persevere with patience for yourself and others. Harboured emotions and situations will finally detach and you will be able to let them go. Creatively inspired, it will flow through you to help create change for peace and success to surface.

1.Midnight Mala

To detox and cleanse negativity. Helps calm the mind, bring good luck and relieves stress both physically and mentally. Promotes sound sleep and retention of dreams for further inquiry. Let it be revealed mystery &deep levels of body concious awareness. Draw out the old stagnant and replenish with new life giving energy. Improves communication and creative flow. Allows ease to explore subtle energy plains.

2.Mermaid mala

Let the truth be revealed and accept clarity to thoughts and sharpness in perception. When thoughts are strong almost overwhelming return to the calm steadiness of breath- the wisdom of presence. Find the connection between past events and current situations. Balance polarities and enhance self control during times of stress.

3.Blossom mala

Through introspection and calm focus you create balance. Let emotional stress dissolve. Accept love into your heart for both yourself and others even when it can be difficult or challenging. You are enough- just exactly as you are now! Create a protective barrier to dispel negative energy and divert it or transform it into positive energy. Accept all that comes your way!

Onyx, turquoise, howlite and amazonite with Lotus Flower.

This mala was created to protect its wearer and strengthen their warrior spirit. It helps both tame and empower onself and dispel negative energy. It helps heal and balance but also create prosperity and good fortune. It is full of strong immense power to heal, balance, and attract new customers or friends in your life. Draw on onyx for physical strength when you have a tough exercise, or illness. Amethyst, Chalcedony, Aventurine, Jasper

Protects, stimulates passion and creativity for the wearer. Decreases over indulgences .Helps promote and ground in spiritual thought, ventures. Promotes mental quietude and enhances meditations. Helps purify and protect against negative energies. Enhances cognitive perception and intuition. Comforts during loss of loved one. Strengthens imagination and refines thinking processes. Promotes focus and success. The transformative powers help to trust to get rid of the old and make room for new. Eases self doubt. Veeeerrrryy lucky. This mala also promotes prosperity and wealth! Boosts chances in many aspects of life! Helps one embrace change. Reinforces decisiveness and amplifies leadership qualities. Connect to the earth and yourself. Helps with skin issues including acne, eczema, rosacea. Helps restore balance and create inner calm.

Amethyst and Chalcedony with Live Lift weight. This was created for a beautiful friend to match her 108 mala.