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The Lake

Warm sunshine beats down on her skin, filling her up with warm light energy. Her internal cup slowly begins to fill, energy awakens within. As she begins to run through the field her feet beat down on the long gras rhythmically, her handsbrush through the long grass and particles float into the air. The smell […]

Waves Of Tranquility

Turquoise, aqua, azure, cobalt, sapphire From depth to surface Indistinguishable, interchanging Flow of colour Ever changing, immense, power Always moving Transforming Forceful, influential, vigorous swells take you over and under Witness the intertwining of souls below Mingle, dance and express life Beauty, serenity Found under the natural movement of rapids The peaks roll forward And […]

Composed like magnets

To nourish oneself with the origins  To absorb the knowledge of the earth without supplement Natural, unselfish and bountiful Generations & evolution altered provisions Chemically & biologically evident the virus Metamorphosis in food creates metamorphosis in devourers more ailments, illness, disease & affliction where fear is the mastermind. Realization of our patterns, our why provides […]